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Elmont, NY 11003

Silas Heating and Air Conditioning Llc

Silas Heating and Air Conditioning Llc

112-43 203 St, Saint Albans, NY 11412

(347) 944-0987

Silas Heating and Air Conditioning Llc-
Has a Qualify tech with over 8 Years experience
serving the area.

Services Offered:

Furnace Repair Furnace Repair
Central A/C Install Central A/C Repair
Heat Pump Install Heat Pump Repair
Swamp Cooler Install Swamp Cooler Repair
Central Humidifier Install & Repair


Hydrotech & H.V.A.C. LLC

Hydrotech & H.V.A.C. LLC

2243 Royce st, Brooklyn, NY 11234

(646) 626-5270

**We do not provide any duct or ventilation cleaning services!**
**We do not fix window units!**
***We do not sell parts!***

Trusted and recommended since 1980. Hydrotech & H.V.A.C. LLC is a full-service plumbing and air conditioning contractor with the ability to service, repair and install complete plumbing and air conditioning systems.
We offer 24-hour emergency service so that you can count on us to be there when you need us the most. We are all familiar with...


ThermoChill HVAC

ThermoChill HVAC

604 West 191 St, New York, NY 10040

(347) 338-1910

No Window AC Installation or service.

Svc Fee - $100.

Walk-in box - we design and install new and used walk-in boxes, glass door(walk thru) or single storage.

ptac (package terminal air conditioner)
we service and repair ptac units: water cooled or steam heat.

convection oven repair
we service And repair all types of convection ovens

Mini-split system
we are expert with load calculation design and installing all different types of mini-splits system

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